Threesomes: there is an app for that!

Feeld allows couples and singles to find a threesome. An app that promises to fill its users and make its creator very rich …

Grindr, Tinder, Hornet … It’s been a long time now that smartphones allow their users to flirt or kiss. But so far, there was no app dedicated to “triolism”, understand: the three-sided ass. Fortunately Feeld has arrived!

The principle is simple: download Feeld application from the App Store, log in via your Facebook account and fill in your profile as a couple or single, indicate your gender and your sexual preferences and go. You can now like the profiles of other users. If you “match” with one of them, a dialogue window opens. Congratulations: you have a chance to win a threesome!
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Big data storage: a new success in Hollywood

If companies in the media and entertainment sector are now flooded with data, it is because new database technologies are changing the game.

Media and entertainment companies obviously use data in the same way as other companies: to better serve their customers, and to increase their productivity and revenue. Netflix, for example, uses mathematical equations to promote titles that appeal to its subscribers. Amazon launches pilots for testing to gather feedback before deciding whether to film an entire series. Movie studios are deploying digital analytics to create blockbusters.

However, Hollywood has more data challenges and opportunities than many other industries. The reason is simple: media and entertainment companies are, in essence, content companies. They create content all the time, which means they generate data continuously. Continue reading →

How we should counter fake news instead of feeding them

How to Spot Fake News

Through programmatic, advertisers inadvertently feed the spread of false news. They should take steps to reverse the trend.

“Facebook has a moral duty to make authenticity a priority,” said Jon Snow, a Channel Four reporter. News Channel Channel Four attacked the social network denouncing its reluctance to quash with the fake news during the television festival in Edinburgh.

Citing a fake news bulletin that the pope reportedly declared his support for Donald Trump for the presidential race, this post hired a million users when it was shared on Facebook. Continue reading →